Our people make
it happen.

Collective strength is
our greatest asset.

Step into our studio and you’ll see that creativity and collaboration are happening all around. 

The depth of our talent is unmatched by other creative companies of our size. We have hand-selected skilled individuals across multiple disciplines—design, strategy, content development, and project management. Our wealth of experience and expertise ensure you always get the right specialist at every step of a project.

Allison Kulik

Operations Manager

Athena Margarites

Project Manager

Brenda Miller

Senior Designer

Cori Stadler


Cristin Luck

Senior Designer

Elaine Yee

Senior Production Designer

Geronna Lyte

Lead Designer

Janet Chung

Senior Project Manager

Jessica Fantz

Design Director, UX + Digital

Jodie Chimes

Associate Project Manager

Justin Lucey

Lead Designer

Justin Winslow

Senior Illustrator + Motion Designer

Karen Spinney

Design Director, Digital

Katie Ehrlich

Associate Designer

Kelly Conway

Project Manager

Kelsey MacArthur

Senior Project Manager

Kevin Clements

Senior Designer

Kristen Morici


Laura Stauber

Lead Designer

Lucas Chilczuk

Senior Production Designer

Midori Nakamura

Production Designer

Patrick Luckett

Senior Production Designer

Rachel Chada

Creative Strategist

Susan Hildebrand

Design Director

Suzanne Coldwell


Wendy Herlich

Senior Copywriter


Laptop Consultant


Chief Playtime Officer

Seek out people to work with who are brimming with talent, energy, integrity, optimism, and generosity. 

Martha Stewart​