HOW Marketing Live


Director of Strategy and Content Joanne Gaccione attended the first annual HOW Marketing Live conference this spring in Boston. Produced in partnership with the American Marketing Association as part of HOW Design Live 2018, this conference within a conference was created to strengthen collaboration between marketers and designers to meet the business challenges of today.

We were fascinated to hear Allen Gannett, founder and CEO of TrackMaven, talk about the science behind the notion of “creative genius,” and the importance of developing the right idea at the right time. Since our SARANKCO team includes both introverts and extroverts, we were also excited to learn about ways to set both personality types up for success in collaborative projects. Particularly engaging was creative director Brian Collins’s presentation about the space race, which was shared as a great example of the U.S. repositioning an idea to help people see its larger possibilities.

These are the kinds of creative insights that support the strongest marketing, design, and branding work, and we know they will continue to resonate and inspire us in the months to come.

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