Take Your Kids to Work Day 2017


We welcomed eight little Sarankcans to our studio on Thursday, April 27, in celebration of Take Your Kids to Work Day. Ranging in age from 2 to 13, they got to see the role that their parents play at SARANKCO while exploring the bounds of their own creativity.

Older kids learned about budgeting from our bookkeeper, Suzanne — they had the opportunity to set up their own made-up company and learn what it takes to get it running behind the scenes. They also spent time with Justin, our senior illustrator and motion designer, who taught them how to create an animated gif using their own Photoshop art. The little ones got to explore shapes and color, and even went on a field trip to Madison Square Park in the afternoon.

We’re proud to be a company that supports working parents, and had such fun seeing the next generation of creative minds at work and play.

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