Joanne Gaccione

As the second full-time SARANKCO hire, Joanne has been an invaluable member of the team since the studio’s early days. With a background in writing, publishing, and account management, her leadership as the director of strategy and content enhances every project we work on.

Joanne started her career on the editorial team of an upscale consumer lifestyle magazine, working with brands such as Bally’s, Harrah’s, MGM, Caesars, and Hard Rock. After a stint in B2B publishing, producing digital and print magazines with NASA engineering content, she shifted her focus to marketing communications. Putting her editorial experience to good use, Joanne managed the production of premium communications for the Centurion and Platinum Card from American Express accounts at Underline, finishing her tenure there as Account Director.

A proud Syracuse graduate with a masters in publishing from NYU, Joanne is always brimming with suggestions about the best spots to visit and things to see in New York City. Passionate about her work, she loves the moment when design, copy, and client approvals come together to create a compelling, creative piece that exceeds expectations.