Crafting a brand style with notes of glamour and sophistication.


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Capturing the allure of a bygone era.

Driven by his love of coffee and conversation, Keith Wixson left his corporate job in New York to open a stylish café in the foothills of Los Angeles. He had a vision to create an upscale neighborhood coffee bar that would offer the allure of a regal brand from a bygone era. We were thrilled to partner with him to capture the right visual expression of Blackwood: a refined, vintage aesthetic with an elegantly modern twist.

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A West Coast brand with a shot of nostalgia.

To help launch this new brand, we developed a custom visual identity complete with a wordmark inspired by traditional letterforms and mid-century design, created with the flexibility to be used in ways that weren’t yet defined. Our work helped to bring Keith’s vision to life, presenting Blackwood as a nostalgic brand within a modern context that elevates the coffee shop experience.

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