A night to remember.


  • French American Foundation


  • Visual Identity
  • Invitation
  • Event Signage
  • Program Brochure

The French-American Foundation’s Annual Gala is their principal fundraiser and yearly “moment.” Attended by business leaders, diplomats, and high-profile members of French-American society from New York to Paris, the gala is known for its well-mannered style and sophistication.

SARANKCO designed and implemented a complete communications package for the 2010 gala. Invitations, fundraising collateral, event signage, and a magazine-style program were all tied together with premium design elements and international appeal.

French American 1 940X590
French American 2 940X590
French American 3 940X590
French American 4 940X590
French American 5 940X590
French American 6 940X590