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Entering uncharted waters.

When we were approached by former clients Daria Reznikova and Rosa Sabater about their idea for a sophisticated, high-end consultancy, we were instantly inspired. They wanted to connect corporations with hand-selected, tenured “experts” who could guide them through important, meaningful work.

Looking back to discover fresh territory.

We got to work creating a premium brand blueprint from the ground up. We began with the naming, divining that the word “Martellus” speaks to an unwavering commitment to guidance and a trusted source for information. The name is inspired by the Martellus map, used by early explorers to circumnavigate the globe. It was something that could be relied upon time and time again, reflecting the new brand’s mission to guide their clients through innumerable challenges.

Name in place, Martellus next needed help focusing their brand message and defining what they do, who they are, and where they will be years from now. They may have started as a two-woman operation, but their level of experience meant they were no start-up. Today, they are a collective of more than 25 individuals, offering insights, services, and results that speak volumes.

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A compass to guide us.

Daria and Rosa also called upon our team to create a visual system that was elegantly simple, and gave a rich, modern complexity to a corporate identity. Inspired by the compass and the stars on a nautical map, our refined system married sophisticated navy with copper tones and a singular geometric element to bring the concept together. The result is a sense of constant movement, bringing to life the idea that being a leader doesn’t mean you are above the comings and goings of the world — it means you are a greater part of it.

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