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Off the shelf and into the community

Founded in 1884, the Rye Free Reading Room has evolved far beyond its roots as Rye’s only public library, offering the community a plethora of resources, programs, and events. To support their vision for growth and better serve as a dynamic center for lifelong learning, the organization was embarking on a brand refresh, which included a massive modernization of their historic space. Our task was to renew their brand identity to better reflect their status as a driving force for community inspiration and give them better visibility in their fundraising efforts.

Opening doors and changing perceptions

We came up with the tagline “Be curious” to reflect the personality of the library, and their boundless enthusiasm for inspiring and enriching the lives of those in their community. Classic typography in the form of a thick serif references the history of the organization, while a modern approach to layout and color keeps the visual identity sophisticated and distinguished.

Our stylized brand mark offers a sense of wonder and intrigue, hinting at the unending opportunities for learning and experiences that the Rye Free Reading Room facilitates.

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Inspiring excitement for a new chapter

We knew right away that a standard guideline document wouldn’t be in keeping with the spirit of the refreshed branding, so we created a playful voice that embodied the personality we had proposed for the brand. This ensured that the style guide was not only functional and easy to understand, but also inviting and engaging for the library staff.

In the end, these intentional, simple branding elements were able to go a long way in support of a total repositioning of a beloved institution.

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