Sharing the warmth by
expressing gratitude.


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Encouraging meaningful connections.

To commemorate our annual purchase of warm winter coats for New Yorkers in need, we created a series of notecards to promote our message of giving back. Each card was designed around the concept of sharing the warmth, bearing a heartfelt message that would resonate with clients, family, and friends throughout the year.

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Designed as a collection, each unique to their core.

We leveraged the print technique of letterpress to add depth and dimension to the individual designs, while allowing the bright colors of our brand to punctuate the messages of optimism.

Each set was packaged in our custom envelope along with a personal note expressing our gratitude to our clients, colleagues, and friends for their support and partnership throughout the year. 

The cards were produced with an accompanying social media campaign highlighting their themes, helping to create added awareness for New York Cares, the non-profit to which we donated the coats. We’re proud that this project won us a HOW Magazine award, and more importantly, that it allowed us to express our commitment to giving back by helping fellow New Yorkers in need.

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