Polishing a brand with deep roots.


  • Hudson River Fruit


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From pushcart to fresh start.

Alicia is a fourth-generation grower and distributor who runs the family business, Hudson River Fruit. Her great-grandfather, Isadore "Izzy" Albinder, got his start by buying a pushcart and selling apples in the streets of our neighboring borough, Brooklyn. Today, the company owns and farms over 400 acres and represents over 50 growers, bringing their apples to stores up and down the East Coast. While Hudson River Fruit is anything but small, they still maintain their local roots.

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Thoughtful cultivation to refresh a family legacy.

We wanted to bring the brand to life in a modern way, reinforcing its deep personal connection with local growers and attracting buyers who support local businesses. So we started off by visiting their headquarters at Lais Farm, where we were introduced to a multitude of apple varieties, learned firsthand from staff about their work experience, and observed the rich details that make Hudson River Fruit unique. Then we guided Alicia and her team through every step of creating a completely new brand image, designing a full package—including a logo and brand assets—which reflects their New York and Vermont locations and their uniquely inspiring story.

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Growing toward the future.

For the logo, we created an illustration of a branch with four apples, to represent the brand’s evolution from humble beginnings to a four-generation small business, making sure to leave space for new family owners in the future. Our efforts extended to the redesign of their Big Chief consumer apple brand along with the name and logo development of Lil’ Chief, their product line designed specifically for children. 

We elevated Hudson River Fruit’s appeal and crafted a modern look that was both approachable and memorable. The success of our efforts led to new projects — most recently, we developed communications for tradeshow events and even helped design additional product packaging for apples distributed for juicing.

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